Snowmobiles Jacket

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Brian(little Bro) VS. Christy(big sis) Whos RIGHT?!WHOS WRONG... What side are youu on?

Okay brian says he wants a snowmobile jacket thats over $200(hes12). Hes Not fully grown yet hes got like another few years. I say Bri, your still growing and you dont even like snowmobiling! He says i dont care i dont want a stupid carhart.(thats what me and my big bro got when we werent fully grown even though we hated them we were forced to wear em. Now we are fully grown, we get snowmoible jakets because we snowmobile, if we didnt that would be a diffrent story) He says he wants to be in style and dont care about that he'll grow out of it by the end of this year. My dad agrees with me. Brian dont. he thinks he right, now he wants to see who'll agree or disagree what from he said... So whos right? Pick a side. Christy or Brian?

Best Answer...


.....I have to agree with Christy on this one. It would be pretty much a waste of money to get Brian such an expensive jacket when he's just going to outgrow it rather quickly, besides, Brian needs to learn that he can't always get what he wants or he'll really turn into a little brat. It sounds as if he may already be a bit spoiled, so this is the time your dad needs to take a stand and say "no." :-)