Kill Light

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Why did Ryuk kill Light Yagami in death note?

I know Light Yagami got shot by his cousin Mastuba, but Ryuk (the death god) wrote Light's name in his death note and killed him. BUT WHY???????( I thought they are friends)

Best Answer...


Light and Matsuda are not cousins, they just work together.

Ryuk was never on his side, they were never friends (although i'm sure ryuk cared to a certain level), that's why he didn't tell Light completely how the note works, he didn't tell him about the shinigami eyes immediately, etc. he was the spectator, he didn't care what happened as long as he wasn't bored.

he told Light in the beginning that when it's Light's time to die it will be Ryuk who will write his name in the notebook. that's the deal between the shinigami and the owner, and Ryuk fulfilled it.