Cat Trv

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Cat Trv

Frequently Asked Questions...

2008 Polaris X2 Deluxe or 2008 Arctic Cat TRV 500?

Which one sould I get?
You know what I mean Tashia R. 550. Whatever. I wass always leaning towards the Polaris, and I have done more research, so I will Probably go with the Polaris.
Preston C you dumb @$$ spammer.

Best Answer...


Both are good choices but my opinion would lead me to purchase the Polaris. I've owned two Arctic Cats, and have had issues with both. I know many people who swear by Arctic Cat but again from my own unique experience I wouldn't buy another. Polaris though I have never had any issues with at all. I have owned a 1994 Polaris 300 4 wheel drive, and a 1999 Polaris 425 which I still own, neither have given me any trouble, and I don't baby them. The '99 I use to plow my driveway up here in Alaska and to go hunting and exploring and it still feels as solid as day one.

So it really depends on which choice best serves your needs and purposes, but my own opinion is to choose the Polaris.

ATV Television Test - 2004 Arctic Cat TRV 500