Thread Treatment

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Loctite Thread Treatment Sticks Sealers Lockers Set of 5 38725

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Thread Treatment

Frequently Asked Questions...

How to remove facial thick hairs?

I have very thick beard and mustache on my face. It was very thin. After plucking them out periodically, they started growing very thick. Their density and their growth is very rapid. Within 2 days of waxing/threading, I could notice the hairs on my chin and upper lip. Is there any better way to reduce/weaken these hairs apart from Laser/Waxing/Threading treatments?
BTW am an asian girl of 23 yrs.

Best Answer...


for this u should go for laser as u have a thick dense hair other than these u can't really get rid of this its really better for opting laser treatment as in "Anoos" they are giving this treatment u might know this.i suggest this coz one of my friend went for this long ago like 9 yrs ago and i really saw difference in her, so better u go for it.....

Thread Vein Treatment described by Kirsty