Cam Chain

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Frequently Asked Questions...

adjust cam chain tension on a kawa gt550?

How to adjust cam chain tension on a kawa gt550 (g4 1988) engine is rattling between idle and appx 3500 revs, then it runs smooth.
bike hasnt been used for number of years.

Best Answer...


Hi, depends on how high milage it is, it may be needing a new camchain.
The camchain is an auto adjust, so should take the slack up with out adjustment.

it could be rattling because the carbs are off balance or ticking dues to valve clearance issues

The cam chain adjuster on mine is located inbetween cylinders 2-3 . on the side there is a cap which you can use a socket on. With the engine off , you can unbolt this, which will reveal a spring, and a plunger which is suposed to push on the cam chain adjuster rod. YOu could see if its stuck. But as i mentioned above, if it is high mileage and it is the camchain then it could need replcaing.
To replace a chain you can get a split chain fitted.