Warning Labels

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Warning LabelsAuto Racing Parts & PayPal encourages members to become Verified to increase trust and safety in our community. Because financial institutions screen their account holders, PayPal"s Verification process increases security when you pay parties you do not know.

Frequently Asked Questions...

Why are there not warning labels on sinful products, like other warning labels?

Things like dried figs in cereal boxes, which are sinful according to the Bible. And on the door of Red Lobster. Things like.

"According to the Biblical laws of Leviticus eating shellfish is a mortal sin and condemn you to Hell to suffer for eternity"

I mean if we have to now warn what is doing you harm. Why has the industry not adopted these warnings, it is your eternal soul here.

I mean there are tonnes of things for sale in the grocery stores and malls that the Bible clearly states are mortal sins to buy and use or eat.

Best Answer...


Acts 11:7-9 details Peter's vision from God that all food has been made clean (ok to eat)
The words "mortal sin(s)" are not in the Bible