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Frequently Asked Questions...

Do you really believe what you see on TV about the Pastor Wright ?

Here is a link before you look at it, put yourself in another country. If you are a church going person you will listen not hear what is said. At first I was mad at Obama when I keep seeing those pieces on T.V now I understand what the pastor was trying to say ( which was a quote from someone else) I know some will just knock it to the side, no matter what proof is found. After watching this , I was glad someone SAID this, ( because after IRAQ I keep thinking it when I was in the military) we go around the world tell everybody what to do then take action when they dont follow own rules.

Its has not been cut to only say one sentence like on TV
IT was a quote from a white person (quote is words if you dont understand that)

Best Answer...


Fox News and the others should be shame of them self when they show the clip about this sermon, they know he was telling what a white man had said, he gives the man's name, they can check it out with him, but they do not want to. I listened to Rev.Write as he spoke this message and I knew they were lying about it, but I had no proof. It is amazing how quickly some believes things without getting the complete story. They did a disservice to Rev. Wright