Left Arm

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Golf Tip: Role of Left Arm in Swing; Jim Ballard

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Left Arm

Frequently Asked Questions...

What is the difference between right arm off-spinner and left arm orthodox spinner?

What is the difference apart from the hand used and the direction of turn. Some people say left arm orthodox spinner have more drift in air. But how is that possible because both use finger spin and same technique.

Best Answer...


Its the same thing, Saeed Ajmal is an off-spinner, Vettori is an off spinner. It might be just to signify or point to the fact even though he is left handed spinner, he's a traditional spinner. He's not a leg spinner but an off-spinner even though the ball is turning from left to right, but that is because he's left handed. Not because he's a leg spinner. Orthodox to signify he's not a leg spinner but just turning naturally as a right handed bowler would.